Divinely inspired readings to give you guidance, prediction & a plan from your Spirit Team.


Are you ready to make your wishes come true?
What life-improvements are you seeking right now?
- a career you love?
- a soul-mate relationship?
- a habit replacement?
- a road map to success?
- a compass to your life purpose?
- a totally-new-you type reinvention?

When someone buys an intuitive reading, what they really want to know is if what they're wishing for is going to happen or not. So, as the Mystic-Mentor, I'll empower you with a Prediction plus a Plan so you will know what it's going to take to make your dreams into realities.

Please read on because my intuitive talents are unique.

In partnership with the Divine, as an intuitive counselor and a clinical hypnotherapist, I love teaching easy, life changing techniques that will offer you empowerment and self-transformation. My mystic gift bag includes the divinatory tools of the Tarot and Pendulum, the precise planning of Numerology, and direct communication with Spirit via Trance-Writing.

- Together, we work with your Spirit Team and Angels to come up with a strategic action plan that will be for your ultimate, highest, best life purpose.

- Along with your "Prediction plus a Plan" intuitive reading, a photograph of your tarot cards will be emailed to you.


1. After payment is received, within 33 hours you'll receive a quick questionnaire, and instructions to schedule your appointment.

2. After your session we can exchange up to three emails for complete clarity.

3. You'll know the situation, have a strategy, and the highest/best solution in hand, all included in your prediction and your plan.

Phone Sessions


>  55 minute phone reading  ~  $100

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Video Sessions


>  55 minute video reading  ~  $150

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