What is Mystic-Mentoring?

Mentoring takes you to a whole new level in life. 

It is an individualized type of training that meets you exactly where you already are, and elevates you to your next best position. You'll learn new practices to implement immediately and receive instant feedback to insure you're on your best path.

Michele mentors EveryOne with intuitive abilities so they can grow and develop personally and professionally.



Help people live their best lives 

with predictions and guidance.



Learn to translate and deliver messages from loved-ones in spirit.



Discover how to blend with 

Spirits of higher realms.

Mystical Tools & Activities


  • Tarot & Divination
  • Automatic Writing
  • Reality Recreation
  • Spirit Circles
  • Reading for yourself and professionally.

Business Development


  • Marketing
  • Podcasting
  • ZoomCasting
  • Website Design
  • How to do Talks, Fairs, Parties, and more...

Testing & Testimonials


Gain credibility and confidence. Receive validation by providing readings to total strangers who will leave you with authentic feedback and written testimonials to share and use in your advertising.

Learn something new or develop your gifts even higher.

  • Elevate your personal life, relationships, well being, and/or professional development.
  • Intensify your abilities as a psychic, medium, channel, tarot card reader, and more. 
  • Dive deep and focus on that one area that will make the biggest difference. 
  • You'll learn by practicing proven exercises, tools and techniques.
  • Each session is for one hour total, divided into two or three calls.
  • You'll receive validation, feedback and training as you put your new skills into practice.
  • We will work together at your current level to take you from good to great.

Phone Sessions | one hour


Dive deep with your choice of mystical training.

Zoom Sessions | 1 hour video recorded


Recorded, so you can reflect, review and go even deeper.

Group Sessions | one hour


Recorded on zoom. Same costs for up to ten participants.

Let's talk!


With Spiritual Guidance, I'm inspired to help EveryOne intensify their intuition and strengthen their connection to the Divine so they can communicate better with the spiritual realm, and improve their personal and professional lives.

Develop and accelerate your abilities: 

  • for yourself, personally
  • for your business, as a professional