Eight Class Program via phone, emailing, texting, and

Take your mystical abilities to a whole new level with this personalized mentoring program. Choose weekly or monthly. 

Class 1 :: Daily Practices, mindfulness, dream work, Predict & Reflect technique

Class 2 :: Divination and psychic tools to expand spiritual communication

Class 3 :: Being Psychic - predictions for the living

Class 4 :: Mediumship - messages from loved ones in spirit

Class 5 :: Channeling - blending with Spirits of higher realms

Class 6 :: Spirit Circles - and other ongoing practices

Class 7 :: Readings - establishing your unique style

Class 8 :: Testing/Certification - three readings with strangers

We will build on your current skills and take you from good to great. You can choose the schedule that's best for you, one class each week or each month.

Want to make sure this is the perfect mentoring program for you? 

Email Michele directly:

Individualized Mentoring

Each class includes

:: customized curriculum to build on your current skills

:: detailed instructions to develop new mystical abilities

:: one hour of mentoring per class  

(spread over 2 or 3 phone calls)

:: mystical assignments that may take up to a few hours for each class

:: loving feedback to stretch your mystic muscles 

:: easy communication to answer any questions along the way

ENROLL TODAY and you'll receive an email to schedule your classes within 24 hours, or sooner.

8 Classes Tuition $399



Help people live their best lives 

with predictions and guidance.



Learn to translate and deliver messages from loved-ones in spirit.



Discover how to blend with 

Spirits of higher realms.

Daily Practices


  • Mindfulness
  • Dream Work
  • Predict & Reflect technique

Mystical Activities & Tools


  • Divination
  • Automatic Writing
  • Spirit Circles
  • Reading for yourself and professionally



Receive validation by providing readings to three different total strangers who will leave you with feedback and written testimonials to share and use.