Spirit Speaks ~ Channeling the Divine

Join us for a free ONLINE Spirit Circle with Mystic-Mentor's own Michele Andres as she psychically tunes-in to the higher realms of pure white light and love. 

Be open to Divine guidance and see where Spirit leads in answering questions about this life and the afterlife.

Free Spirit Circle

  • Thursday, September 26th
  • 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm PST

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Michele Andres, CHt.


Mystic | Teacher | Spirit Speaker

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⇨  Wondering if you are truly gifted?

⇨  Want to know how your gifts fit into your life purpose?

⇨  What should you do to develop your gifts?

⇨  How might you use your gifts to be of service?

Michele Andres will guide you through a quick, fun, and easy mystic test to assist you in evaluating your strengths as a psychic, medium, and/or channel. She'll channel your Spirit Team, providing you a free reading on what it all really means, and how you may want to answer this very special Divine Calling.

Free Evaluation

Hi, I'm Michele Andres -

Email me today to set a time for a free ten-minute phone session. 

We'll discuss your mystical journey and you'll discover many options to take your unique gifts to an even higher level.

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Let's talk about your mystical journey.

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