Mystical Acceleration Process

Elevate your psychic-mediumship-channeling abilities.

With the Mystical Acceleration Process you’ll discover three simple practices that’ll take you the farthest and fastest in your journey towards mystical mastery. 

From beginner to expert:

✳   Up-level your intuition.

✳   Deepen your relationship with your Spirit Guides.

✳   Validate messages from the Spirit Realm.

✳   Communicate with Loved-Ones in Spirit.

✳   Cultivate a consistent inner knowing.

Three Session Package includes 90-minutes of ONLINE face-to face instruction divided into three 30-minute sessions + downloadable instructions. 

Online Video Class

Meet up in our private, ONLINE classroom as Michele shares the daily practices of professional Mystics, Psychics, Mediums, and Spirit Channels exclusively with you.

Lessons Include:

✳ Predict & Reflect

✳ Supernatural Sign Language

✳ Conversations with Spirit

COSTS: Pay $111 today and schedule for your first of three total sessions now.