Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Hypnosis Motivation Institute

  • Nationally Accredited Diploma at California's #1 College of Hypnotherapy
  • 8 month in-class training M-Th., 6-9pm
  • 6 months clinical internship 
  • specializing in Past-Life and Life-between-Life regressions

James Van Praagh Mediumship 2 Certification

  • 6 months certification course
  • 6 live conference calls
  • 50 training videos
  • weekly development circle
  • 2-day in-person training and testing

Certified Spiritual Adviser    - Level 3 Psychic-Medium   

Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development

  • 12 week certification course [video training + live conference calls + weekly assignments required]
  • 4-day Intensive Workshop with in-person practice + peer testing
  • Certification Testing = three 45-minute readings with total strangers

Queen Mary Mediumship Intensive 

with Sharon Klingler and Allison Gannon

Omega Institute Master Tarot Program 

7 days with Mary K. Greer and Rachel Pollack

Northwest Tarot Symposium

[2015-2017 attendee + presenter in 2018]

IMPART Wisdom and Wellness Center

[150+ classes/development circles/workshops]

Psychic-Mediumship Development

with Colby Rebel [25+ development circles]


with James Van Praagh via HayhouseU

Spirit Communication : Developing Mediumship Fundamentals

with John Holland via HayhouseU

Dream Specialist with Robert Moss

2019 Intuitive Intensive

2019 Mediumship Intensive

2019 Lightworker's Business Lab

with Crystal Anne Compton and Tricia Carr