Discover how notorious Psychics channel Spirit

You too can learn how famous, professional Psychic-Mediums & Channels are able to contact the other side and deliver accurate messages, awesome predictions, and life changing guidance.

What are the daily practices of these amazing Mystics? Discover and learn the routines, tools, techniques, and meditations that keep them in touch with other realms.

Learn how to be super psychic, deliver messages from loved ones in spirit, and how to receive and share divine inspiration. By realizing the difference between being a psychic, a medium, and a channel you’ll take your abilities to a whole new level, showcasing your unique strengths. 

Discover which ongoing practices will keep your mystical abilities sharp. You’ll learn all about leading and attending Psychic Development Circles, Paranormal Investigations, and Spirit Circles. 

Master the art of reading for others, ethically and accurately. Know what it takes to be a worker of Divine Light, serving as a professional Psychic-Medium-Channel.


WHEN & Where

::  Learn in your own, private, sacred space via phone or zoom.

::  Dates and times will be set to your convenience.

Six hours of instruction + validation and feedback

1. Mystical Foundations

2. Channeling

3. Divination

4. Psychic

5. Mediumship

6. Ongoing Practices

COSTS & Options

$299 Phone
:: six hours of one-on-one phone mentoring in up to 12 sessions.

$399 Zoom
:: six hours of one-on-one recorded online mentoring in up to 12 sessions.

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Mystical Foundations


meditation | dream work | lexicon

Predict & Reflect



tarot | colorology | numerology

Supernatural Sign Language



Help people live their best lives with predictions and guidance.



Learn to translate and deliver messages from loved-ones and others in spirit.



Discover how to blend with 

Spirits of Higher Realms.

Ongoing Practices


Psychic Development

Spirit Circles

Serving Professionally

Triple Test Certification


:: Completion of Psychic Secrets 

  •    six hours of mentoring sessions
  •    practice activities and assignments

:: Three 5-Star Readings

You'll have the confidence and experience of all six sessions under your belt. Now, receive complete validation with the written testimonials of three complete strangers who you'll successfully read for.

Triple Test Certification is optional and there's an additional fee of $300. Certification is not guaranteed and based solely on the positive ratings of written testimonials.

Meet your instructor, Michele Andres


Michele Andres is a professional Mystic and experienced teacher. She has been triple tested and certified as a Psychic-Medium and holds diplomas and certifications by some of the world's most esteemed mystics, psychics, mediums, and channels - including James Van Praagh, Lisa Williams, John Holland, Sharon Klingler 

...and many more.